As a true composer, Out of Wine selects for you the best regions, terroirs, grape varieties, and makers to take you on a journey between land and wine. At our heart, is the desire to help you rediscover the French ‘Art de Vivre’ by freeing ourselves from all confines to create wines firmly oriented towards the New World !

A true wine lover

Epicurean and curious, it is by his experience and his knowledge of consumer trends around the world that Paul Bergeron, the founder, surprises! As a true creator, he shapes innovative wines in harmony with new expectations. His quest? to fulfil your tastes and passions by adding a touch of the unexpected! With Out of Wine, he ventures to shake up traditions, bringing an offbeat and more relaxed vision to his wines.

"My vision has led me to create wines which represent myself respecting tradition whilst bringing a personal touch. Birthed from a desire to share the best of the terroir, I present you my wines that I hope will charm you". - The Winemaker's word
Free to create wines
against the grain

As a wine specialist, Out of Wine is distinguished by its liberty, which allows it not only to conceive wines that suit the consumer, but also to free itself from the confines of tradition to bring French terroirs to the consumer in a different way.

Paul Bergeron breaks down the barriers by his convictions to allow different culture to enrich themselves. In the style of a composer, he selects the best regions, terroirs, and grape varieties of France, and, together with his New World Winemakers, gives his wines their character and uniqueness.

Open to the world

Liberty and modernity rhyme with diversity! Today, the founder is driven by his cultural richness and his attraction to the regions of the world to shape wines differently that will amaze your taste buds. It is through his spirit of adventure, his young vision and his thirst for knowledge that he feeds his projects to bring the world to you !

Out of Wine is also distinguished by its model; Not being limited to a domain, a terroir, or a region, he ventures to free himself from traditional French confines, without ever neglecting quality! This is reinforced by its ability to build trusted partnerships with Winemakers around the world, which guarantee the modernity of the wines.

Born from a real passion for the French ‘Art de vivre’, the avant-garde approach that the founder cultivates proudly places Out of Wine in its time !


Committed from the land
to the wine

Out of Wine believes that the long-term preservation of the terroirs is key for the future. It is therefore committed to the environment and today respects a quality requirement by offering HVE3 certified wines, however in the future the brand aims to work with organic or sustainable wines.

Constantly with the goal of being in tune with the challenges of our world, Out of Wine not only chooses recycled paper and cardboard to label and package its wines, but also chooses to commit to reducing its carbon footprint. Convinced that its brand’s commitment is built every day, Out of Wine is constantly working to reduce its impact on the environment.